Prepare your own chicken feed
February 27th, 2012
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With the right ingredients portions, farmers can make their own quality feed to improve indigenous poultry production.

With the rising cost of poultry feeds, farmers rearing chickens are increasingly finding it difficult to make profit from poultry keeping. While it is difficult for farmers to formulate feeds for hybrid chickens such as broilers and layers, they can do so for their indigenous chickens or dual-purpose breeds such as Kenbro under intensive management system. This can be done using the PearsonSquare method.

However, this is only possible if farmers have the right quality of ingredients or raw material for formulating feeds. The Pearson Square method relies on the Digestible Crude Protein (DCP) as the basic nutritional requirement for feed. The most common ingredients used are whole maize, maize germ, cotton seed cake, soya beans, sunflower or omena (fishmeal).

Example 1: Feed for Layers
Assuming that the farmer wants to make feed for their chickens using the Pearson Square method, they have to know the crude protein content of each of the ingredients used in feed making. The farmer may use whole maize (8.23 % DCP) Soya (45 % DCP) Omena (55 % DCP) and maize bran (7 % DCP) Sunflower (35 % DCP). To make a 70 kg bag of feed for layers, a farmer would require the following ingredients:

34 kg of whole maize

12 kg of Soya

8 kg of omena

10 kg of maize bran

6 kg of Lime (as a calcium source)

Each category of chickens has its own requirements in terms of nutrition. For example, feed for layers should have at least 18 per cent crude protein. If one were to formulate feed for layers, then they would have to calculate the percentage of digestible crude protein in each of the ingredients to ensure that the total crude protein content is at least 18 per cent to meet this nutritional requirement. To find out if the feed meets this standard, a farmer can do a simple calculation as follows:

Whole maize = 34 kg x 8.23 ÷100 = 2.80 kg

Soya bean = 12 kg x 45 ÷ 100 = 5.40 kg

Omena = 8 kg x 55 ÷ 100 = 4.40 kg

Maize bran = 10 kg x 7 ÷ 100 = 0.70 kg

Lime = 6 kg x 0 ÷ 100 = 0.00 kg

(Total crude protein 13.30 kg)

To get the total crude protein content of all these ingredients in a 70 kg bag, you take the total crude protein content of the combined ingredients, divide by 70 and multiply by 100 thus, (13.30÷70) x 100 = 19.0 %. This shows that the crude protein percentage in the above feed formulation is 19.0 % which is suitable for layers. Before mixing the feed, whole maize including the other ingredients has to be broken into the right sizes through crushing or milling to make it palatable for the chickens. Add 250 g of table salt on every 70 kg bag of feed.

Feed for chickens meant for meat

Chickens meant for meat production require feed with a higher content of DCP. From the first to the fourth week, the chicks require feed with a DCP content of between 22 to 24 per cent. From the fourth to the eighth week, the chicks require feed with a protein content of 21 to 22 per cent crude protein. To attain this requirement, farmers can formulate feed using the same method given above. To make a 70 kg bags of feed, they will need to have all the right the ingredients in the proportions given below:

Whole maize = 40 kg x 8.23 ÷ 100 = 3.20 kg

Omena = 12 kg x 55 ÷ 100 = 6.60 kg

Soya beans = 14 kg x 45 ÷ 100 = 6.30 kg

Lime = 4 kg x 0 ÷ 100 = 0.00 kg

(Total crude protein 16.10 kg)

To determine if a 70 kg bag of feed has adequate crude protein content for birds meant for meat production, the same methods is used: (16. 10 ÷ 70) x 100 = 23 %. The feed given in this example has a total crude protein content of 23 % which is adequate to feed chicken in this category. In every 70 kg bag of feed, add 250g of table salt.

Ration for kienyeji chickens

Indigenous chickens are less productive in terms of egg and meat increase. They may not require intensive feeding and management. For this category of chickens, farmers can constitute feeds with a DCP of between 15 – 16 %. They can use the following formulation to make feeds for the indigenous chickens:

Whole maize = 33 kg x 8.23 ÷100 = 2.70 kg

Maize or wheat bran = 14 kg x 7 ÷ 100 = 0.98 kg

Omena = 7 kg x 55 ÷ 100 = 3.85 kg

Soya = 7 kg x 45 ÷ 100 = 3.15 kg

Lime = 5 kg x 0 ÷ 100 = 0.00 kg

(Total crude protein 10.68 kg)

Percentage of total crude Protein in the ingredients = (10.68 ÷70) x 100 = 15.25 %

For farmers rearing hybrid layers and broilers, it is advisable to buy already constituted feeds from reputable companies that sell quality feed. The main reason is that it is very difficult for farmers to constitute micronutrients such as amino-acids, trace minerals, fat and water soluble vitamins that these breeds of chicken require for proper growth.

To be sure that their feed is of the right quality, farmers can send a sample of the constituted feeds for testing and advice to KARI Naivasha, which has modern equipment for testing feed quality. A sample costs Ksh 1,000 to test. Send samples by courier to the following address: KARI Naivasha P.O. Box 25, 20117 Naivasha, Tel. 0726 264 032. Results are ready within a day.

Some tips on how to feed chicken

An egg-laying chicken requires 130 g of feed per day (provide clean water at all times).

• 1 chick requires 2.2 kg of feed for 8 weeks (thus 100 chicks = 2.2 kg x 100=220 kg. Chicks should be allowed to feed continuously and given adequate clean water at all times). If they finish their daily rations, give them fruit and vegetables cuttings to feed on.

• 1 pullet (young chicken about to start laying) should be fed 4.5 kg of feed for two and a half months until the first egg is seen. It should then be put on layer diet. Supplement with vegetables, edible plant leaves or fruits peelings in addition to the daily feed rations.

• All ingredients used must be of high quality and palatable. Never use rotten maize (Maozo). Chickens are very susceptible to aflatoxins poisoning.

• When using omena as an ingredient, ensure it is free of sand and seashells. If

you use maize germ, it should be completely dry.

• Feed should be thoroughly mixed to ensure the ingredients are uniformly distributed. It is preferable to use a drum mixer instead of a spade for mixing.

• Note that even after giving them the formulated feeds, chickens should be put on free range to scavenge for other micronutrients not provided for in the feeds.

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  5. Jane melly says:

    From my own critical analysis of the above formulae in relation to the cost of ingredients, i tend to think there is no much cost saving.

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    I would like to mix about 70kg per week for kienyenji chicken. I suppose I will need grinder or miller. True? Where can I purchase or hire one from that will work with the recipe you provided?

    Kind regards,

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    • innocent says:

      weldone for the additional info, how do i balance energy and amino acid as suggested in your write up? thanks. from nigeria. your number pls.

  135. Idowu Olanrewaju says:

    thaks for your information.

  136. bundi mungania says:

    how can i get a booklet for making kienyeji chicken feeds.the ingridients u have give us for making kienyeji feeds totals to 66kgs and not 70kgs,what is missing?

  137. Chege Kimani says:

    Thanks for the information on how to rear Kienyenji chicken. My question is where can one get Lime in Kenya i.e. in Kisumu? What can be substituted with Soya beans? I will appreciate your prompt response so much.

    Thank you.

  138. Solomon says:

    Am very glad to learn about the feed formulation. Please i want to know how and when to vaccinate my chickens.

  139. Betty says:

    thanks so much for the formula you gave to us,i have a Q ot two,1,what makes some chiken not lay eggs and am feeding them so well as per formula? 2,some chicken takes so many months before they brood,,,is there anything i can do to fasten the broooding,the are kienyeji chiken,thanks and God bless you.

  140. Auntyy says:


    Thanks a lot for the information. Will you please send me information on how to make my own chicken feed in Africa(from local products)?

    Thanks in advance


  141. Sylvester says:

    Not all the ingredients are available in my area please I have only Maize,Palm karnel cake,Soya meal,Groundnut cake,Wheat Offals. How can I make a good meal for my layers at point of lay.

  142. SALIU R.FUNSO says:

    Your web is so fantastic and directly educative. It is a good attempt to solve poultry farmers difficultoies of feed formulation. Kudos to your team.

  143. Saviour Chimpangu says:

    What is the meaning of Omena and what is the chemical formulation if any?

  144. Saviour Chimpangu says:

    What is Omena and its chemical formulation if any?

  145. adeyinka adeniyi says:

    thank for ur information. While do you conderm shovel mixing and make use of drum mixing . Also you go against fomulate feed for yourself ,i need more illustration on this. Am nutritionist .mail me thru ; yinkaadeniyig@yahoocom

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    Why is it that there is no reply to all the questions people are asking? How can I prepare my own broiler feed? I have almost all materìls except omena

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    What is Omena?I live in Uganda and am a new farmer dealing in layer chickens,I have found it to be financially straining yet i love the birds so much.Iam looking for alternative cheaper feed formula.But i dont know what omena is.I think it would be nice to see answers to all the questions here so we can all see them,ThanksBt I love the website.Keep it up

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    regards azmi farmer green acres farm srilanka

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  150. adam says:

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  152. Yemi says:

    I have found the answer to what omena is and since no one cares to answer it I think it will be wise to let other newbie farmers like me know what it is. Omena are small fishes with a kind of golden transperent body. It can be easily found in Nigeria. In yoruba language its called akumadiju, in hausa its called achi-de-yara. Hope it helps?

    • Tabi Joda says:

      very very valuable information from this master farmer. Yemi thank you for explaining what omena is. Where can I buy it in Nigeria? Pls lets keep in touch. 08036899290

  153. David Lane says:

    300 lbs ground corn, 100 lbs soybean meal = 18% feed or you can sub.oats,barley for part of the corn (opt.) add mineral and salt and free choice oyster shell. this came from a Amish farmer in Marion,Ky. Do you think this is sufficent? It seems to work great for the Amish

  154. Lewis Nyeduko says:

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  155. Lewis Nyeduko says:

    Is it compulsory that you must fry the ingredients before grinding? please reply is very important to me. thank you

    • Ramy Tatad says:

      Im from the Philippines, Is rice/banana bran can substitute to maize bran? What is the DCP percentage of rice bran and banana bran?

  156. Potas says:

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    Please sir explain what an omena is

  158. U have made my day. I have tried chicken – kienyeji farming b4, but the time taken or growth was incredibly long period. I lost count of the months.
    My challenge could have been on feeding and I am giving it a shot this year round.

  159. Sarah P. Cooper says:

    How in the world what I need to make seed are difficult to find in this area I also am looking for buck wait to plant and feed my gaze ‘d be able sources

  160. makiso bosiu says:

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  161. Bakura Zanna says:

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  164. niwaeli says:

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  167. sina says:

    thank you for your effort in providing this information but even hybrid chickens can be feed these except you have to add the following as a guide only:
    Dicalcium phoshate(then reduce on the limestone figure)
    for the quantities of these additives firstly do a sample test of nutrients as the quality of grain used matters and advise can be provided by the institute which will do the testing.
    furthermore, for finishing broilers maybe the omena can be replaced with full fat soya so as to increase the meal’s energy level

    lastly the meals maybe low in energy Mcal/kg for layers as they are all below 2900Kcal/kg this may result in the beds eating more of the feed thus would see them grow slightly faster but if the energy level of the birds was increased it would help for the broilers or market chickens.
    you can send me your e-mail for some meal formulations


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  169. festus osuala says:

    Thanks for your informations,my question is this,this omena and lime of a thing,are they chemicals,are they in Nigeria markets?give me informations


    Festus Lagos Nigeria

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    Thanks, Festus

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Information provided was very educative, pl provide formulation for India for Broilers, keeping in mind weather conditions in Northern India. Also we must look at the availability of Materials here, as suggested by you.

    Kindly help and educate us further.

    Thank You.

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    I want to start chicken business from small scale to properly commercial brooder.
    Please advice on where to get training before starting I have a place of 1/4 an acre.
    Thank you and please contact on 0720012496

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    I would like to thanks all for their usefull information on farming . I’m a farmer rearing layer chicks in uganda . I m looking for layers mash formulation which someone is already using in uganda . I’ve tried many formulas but i have not got any yet which is working good . Any kind of help will be highly appreciated . Thanks . email : [email protected] (0794-243184).

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    This is more than seminers, thanks alot for the info. Pls, what can we use inplace of omena and sun flower? What is omena persay? Thanks alot…..

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  190. Odyata M.O says:

    Omena is silver fish in English. It is known by other names in Uganda as: Mukene and Wanjiri. Thank you.

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    We have a weekly hatch of healthy day old kenbro/kienyeji chicks in kisumu. Place your order today tel. No. 0722222086 or 0720058976

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    You’v Don A Great Job Keep It Up. But The Per Cent Of Lime Is Zero Why Does It Have To Be Zero Yet Its 4Kg And Cant I Use Guinea Corn Instead Of The Normal Maize?

  193. Afwata says:

    kindly give me details of how to get an incubator to at least 50 chicks

  194. Karthik Varma says:

    Hi my name is Karthik Varma
    I have 3 acres land at my village it is located at TAMIL NADU (INDIA) .its near to Chennai just 90kms only.Now I am planing to start chicken poltry forum. Start small unit only
    My investment 2-3 lacks only not much more pls try yo guide me to growth.
    Send the following stpes and interductions how to start or it is posible to do my land,invest &temperature pls give quote for this…..
    And you have any other plans to closer to me pls share that also
    Thanks and regards your
    Karthik Varma
    [email protected]

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    Please what is feed concentrates made of? if feed ration is compounded based on percentage crude protein, what does it mean?

  197. Audrey says:

    Please, I want to start poultry farming,i need right formulation for layers purchased at the point of lay,and feeding procedures.Also,formulations should as well contain all essential elements, and right proportion of ration per layer.

  198. Bright Mugigo says:

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