Plant new improved bean varieties for food and income

Beans are very valuable to Kenyan farmers as they provide the much-needed proteins to their families, especially those in the rural areas where income is low, and many people cannot afford to get animal proteins. Being a legume crop, beans fix nitrogen into the soil, in the process improving fertility levels.

How to reduce fall armyworm damage

Most Kenyan farmers have by now experienced the huge damage caused by the fall armyworm. Use simple environmental friendly biopesticides such as Nimbecidine® or simple plant extracts, which can be prepared at home and sprayed on the maize. Read pages 1 & 3 where we give you tips on the best way to control this pest.

Catfish rearing can bring good income

Fish farming is a lucrative business that has a ready market. Thanks to the growing popularity of fish in the country. The common fish species in the country are tilapia, nile perch and catfish.

Know how to protect your maize from Fall Armyworm

Farmers are advised to start spraying their maize crop from two (2) to three (3) weeks after planting. They should use simple biopesticides such as plant extracts to control fall armyworm and other pests.

Plant sweet potatoes to take advantage of the rains

Sweet potatoes are becoming a popular food crop. Both the tubers and vines can be used as food and vegetables. The vines are nutritious fodder for animals. The tubers currently fetch very good prices in the market.

What you need to know about seed this season

The quality of certified maize seed is very important since it determines the maize yield, food security and income for the farmer.

As the planting season draws near, farmers are busy preparing their land in readiness for planting.

Push-pull technology can control fall armyworm

Push-Pull technology can control fall armyworm Instead of using expensive and harmful chemicals to control the fall armyworm, the Push-Pull method has been shown to be effective in controlling the pest.

Sweet potatoes can provide both food and money

Sweet potato is highly nutritious. The orange fleshed variety has vitamin A that addresses deficiency among children and even adults. Sweet potatoes fetch good prices in the market all year round because few farmers grow them.

Sorghum becomes the new cash crop for Meru farmers

Healthy pigs need clean shelter

Most pigs are kept in poor hygienic and stressful conditions that lead to slow development, low weight gain and diseases. Pig feeding and general management is a real challenge to most pig farmers in the country. The way pigs are reared in most farms is responsible for poor growth, low weight gain and even low general productivity.




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