Indigenous chicken give better returns
August 6th, 2012
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Unlike exotic breeds, they consume less feed they are tolerant to most diseases and have a ready market.

Poultry keeping has many benefits for small-scale farmers. But farmers need not keep chickens just for their own home consumption in terms of eggs and meat. They need to rear them to generate a reasonable income to improve their income. For a long time now, farmers with an eye on the market believe that one can only keep hybrid or exotic breeds for this purpose. Indigenous chickens, if well selected in terms of breed can bring much more income, if not better than the exotic breeds. One of the factors a farmer should look at when going into poultry production of either indigenous or exotic chickens is the cost of production and the market including prices of each of these breeds.

Advantages of indigenous breeds

Indigenous chickens have many advantages over exotic breeds. One advantage is that indigenous chickens can be fed on home-made feed rations and they can also be allowed to free range, therefore cutting down the amount of feed that the farmer has to give them. Unlike exotic breeds, indigenous are tolerant to many diseases, which reduces the veterinary costs. Although exotic breeds are highly productive in terms of eggs and meat, the cost of keeping them including management is a big challenge to farmers. This makes indigenous chickens much more attractive to keep.

Recently researchers have come up with more productive indigenous breeds such as the Improved KARI Naivasha breed, which lays more eggs than ordinary indigenous breeds. An exotic breed such as the Leghorn can lay upto 300 eggs in a year, but the improved indigenous breed from KARI can produce 220 – 250 eggs under good management. Below is a comparison of the gross profit margins between exotic breed and improved indigenous chicken breed, which can help farmers make a decision on which type of breed is more economical to keep.

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207 Responses to “Indigenous chicken give better returns”

  1. Ian Gichuhi says:

    This is a comprehensive article concerning price. Good work , Organic Farmer Magazine!

  2. Caleb Karuga says:

    Just came across your website which is very informative. I keep 150 indigenous (kienyeji) chicken in Kikuyu. I would like more info on the improved indigenous breed, how & amp; where to I get it? You can reach me on 0722497576. Waiting for your response.

    • Njoroge D says:

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  3. Italfarms says:

    This is an excellent article!

    I invested in 100 KARI improved kienyeji chicks in March 2010 and took delivery in October.My pullets started laying in April 2011 and so far am very impressed with their performance.I had initially caged them for lack of space but production shot up after i relocated them for free ranging.I can confirm what is said in the article because i supplement their feed with weed shavings,vegetable and fruit wastes from my local green grocers. I also give them multi vitamins and anti biotics at irregular intervals.

    Another positive feature is that the hens brood and so far i have 5 brooding hens with an expected hatch later this month.Last week one hen hatched 18 healthy chicks from 20 eggs. So far mortality rate is less than 0%! I have also invested in an incubator to produce chicks for sale (day old @150 and 4 week old @200) and the demand is so overwhelming am thinking of investing in a bigger capacity incubator.

    I am in discussions with my initial clients to form a producer group to enable us service the big orders now starting to come in (i recently got an order for 1000 8-week cockerels).

    If interested in joining our producer group and investing in this breed, contact me on +254 712 777459, email [email protected]

  4. Italfarms says:

    Slight correction, am selling day old chicks at 80 kshs and 4 week old at 200 kshs.

    This morning i saw very strange behavior with one of the week old chicks,its “crying” a lot and running very fast,backwards! its banging itself onto everything and not eating at all. Is this a disease or what? please advise.

    +254 712 777459

  5. killion obegi says:

    a very good article , i want to start rearing kienyeji from september anybody with detailed information about eggs for hutching size of a house ,i want to start with 50 birds

  6. Ng'ang'a Kariuki says:

    I want to invest in egg production, I want to start with 350 birds. I was thinking of exotic layers will they do well in kinangop? Pleas advice.

  7. Dan says:

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  9. Jane says:

    I will be keeping kienyeji chicken as well from mid September. Italfarms I will be in touch later in the month to explore the possibility of joining your producer group for this breed.

  10. Moses Gachanja says:

    The article on kienyeji chickens is very educative and well researched. Thanks.

  11. Susan Macharia says:

    Dear Ital farm,
    I am interested in joining the producer group. Right now I am rearing kienyeji but I will be placing an order with KARI Naivasha for the improved breed.

    Kind Regards



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  14. Njoroge g says:

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  15. Charity says:

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  17. George Mwaluma says:

    I am very impressed by this information to assist young farmers like me who is new poultry farmer in Mombasa. I do keep about 900 exotic broilers and my profits are very small because the costs of feeding the exotic birds is very high.

    But I am encouraged by your information that I got thru your website, because I was thinking of keeping exotic layers instead of exotic broilers which is too expensive and the market demand is not favourable at all. I have now decided to keep improved kienyeji layers into my poultry farm. How can access the Improved KARI Naivasha breed that lays 220 – 250 eggs here in Coast. My contacts are 0705620588 or 0721329066 or 041-2226523 Mombasa.
    George Mwaluma.

  18. Potas says:

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  37. liam Campbell says:

    I live in Kisumu district and would like to know more re the layers you are promoting.
    For example I need some information on the area required for say 300 birds, type of typical construction etc.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Liam campbell

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    • mwangi says:

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  55. Judith Induswe says:

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  56. Judith Induswe says:

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  57. Young farmer says:

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  63. joram wn says:

    How comes that the indegineous are not referred to ad commercial business? How do you prepare the local kienyeji layers mash. Pliz help.

  64. joram wn says:

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  81. Chris Mwangi says:

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  82. Village Chciken says:

    Hi Guys? KEnbro is also an improved Indeginous chicken same as KARI, which of these two breads is good for egg production of a capacity of 2000 chicken? Secondly, do Kenchic sell fertilised egg?

    • John ochieng says:

      My own recommendation for you is that for egg production you go for the KARI breed.Which can be reared as a free range chicken.Ken bro is a dual purpose breed whose feed consumption can be slightly higher than that of the KARI breed.

  83. JS says:

    Can you please explain why the feed costs are different between the two breeds? What goes into making chick mash in the second table and why are all the inputs less expensive?

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    Profitable poultry business requires record keeping. For free recording keeping services, go to from your mobile phone or computer.
    Records are used for: determining profitability, decision making, comparing improvements in the use of inputs( feed, vaccination, land, labor, capital etc.), planning to grow and become a more efficient producer

  135. Thanks a lot for the good work you were doing. Kindly, I need the kienyeji one from your centre. Pls advice me on the bookings, collection, prices, how long it takes for one to collect. Thank you so much.

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