A simple homemade brooder and incubator

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For farmers who have no access to electricity especially those in rural areas, a simple way to incubate their eggs is to improvise an incubator. Ronald Nyagaka, a farmer in Kisii has managed to make an incubator from his cooking oven. Nyagaka has built a cooking oven with a chamber below it, which he uses as an incubator. When cooking, the heat from the oven is retained in the chamber where the eggs are placed. Out of 300 eggs he manages to get at least 150 to 180 to hatch. Such an incubator can be improved, for example, if a thermometer is used to monitor the temperature. Humidity can also be regulated by placing some water next to the incubating eggs.

Such an incubator can hatch more eggs if farmers follow the tips we have given above. Farmers interested in making an oven incubator can get further advice from Nyagaka. He can be reached on 0720 063 399.

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