The right way to feed your chickens

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It is recommended that a farmer should adjust the height of the feeding pans and drinkers for proper feeding of chickens. This is mainly because when left at their feet level, chicken will naturally scratch the floor and soil the water and food. This leads to wastage and could promote harmful microorganisms in water. In return this will also increase the farmers cleaning work.

The most ideal height is that of the bird's back. Poultry farmers have to pay attention and adjust their feeders and waterers to reduce feed wastage  especially when using mash feeds (chickens tend to sort feeds with their beaks as they look for preferred food particles). Poorly set waterers will wet the floor and the farmer has to keep drying many times.

Both feeding and watering facilities need to be placed in such a way that a bird will not have to travel further than 3 m (10 ft.). Birds have no big stomach; so their water retaining capacity is very low. They must drink freely and often they require 0.9 to 1.4 kilogrammes (2 to 3 Ibs) of water to efficiently utilize 0.45 kilograms (1 lb) of feed. The water source should be low in minerals and particularly low in salt as excess salt leads to watery droppings and consequently wet litter. The feeding equipment should encourage the chickens to stretch.

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