Practice crop rotation at all times

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There is a tendency by farmers to plant the same type of crops every year. This depletes the soil in the long term because maize takes away most of the major nutrients in the soil forcing farmers to add more chemical fertilizers in order to maintain their yields. But over time, the use of these fertilizers lowers the soil pH thus raising soil acidity levels to a point where maize yields drastically go down; a problem now facing farmers in all maize growing areas in the country.

Some crops such as beans fix nitrogen and therefore replace the nitrogen taken up by maize, potatoes, tomatoes or any other crops that are heavy feeders. Crop rotation also helps to control pests because pests prefer particular crops. If rotation is practiced, say, by growing a crop that does not host a particular pest, the pest incidence is reduced.

Crop rotation is now recognized as one of the best methods to control some of the viral, bacterial and fungal diseases where no chemical or biological method can cure such as the Maize lethal Necrosis (MLN), bacterial wilt, smuts etc.

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