Get quality fodder from your growing maize

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Many farmers who planted their maize in mid- March have their maize almost ready to set in cobs. If you have dairy cows, goats and sheep, you can supplement their feed with the leaves from the maize. Three weeks after the maize cob has produced silk (the soft dark-brown growth at the tip of the maize cob). Every week, you can remove one leaf from each maize plant, starting from the bottom going up. Do not remove the leaf directly below the cob and the one above it. Using this method, you can harvest 450kg to 600kg of high quality and nutritious feed per acre of maize. After the maize grains in the cob reach soft dough stage (milky stage), you can cut off the upper part above the maize plant. This part produces even better feed for your animals and it does not affect grain quality.

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