A cow with high milk production
August 29th, 2011
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Fleckvieh is a hardy breed that can resist diseases, eats less and produces more high quality milk.

Kenyan dairy farmers are used to the common exotic breeds of dairy cows such as the Holstein-Fresians, Ayrshire, Guernsey or even Jerseys. For two years now, a new cattle breed has attracted the attention of Kenyan dairy farmers: Fleckvieh is a high yielding, dual-purpose cow that can be used for both dairy and beef production. Kenyan farmers who have discovered the qualities of this breed have introduced them into their herds. So far, more than 20,000 farmers in Kenya have adopted the breed.

Years of selective breeding

Fleckvieh (or Miling Simmental) is the second largest dairy breed in the world – and one of Europe’s oldest. At the moment, there are an estimated 42 million cattle with Fleckvieh bloodlines worldwide. Developed in the highlands of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the breed became popular in most parts of the world because of their adaptability to harsh climatic conditions.

Through many years of selective breeding, Fleckvieh has acquired some of the characteristics that dairy farmers are looking for. The Fleckvieh breed was introduced by Fleckvieh Genetics East Africa (FGEA) from South Africa in 2009.

The company gets most of its semen from top bulls in upper Bavarian region in Germany. Other sources of the Fleckvieh genetics are Austria, Czech republic, Australia. Farmers can buy semen from these top bulls from the company and cross with their dairy cows. This is the cheapest and easiest way to reduce the cost of buying pure Fleckvieh breed for small-scale farmers. Fleckvieh semen goes for between KSh 800 to KSh 400 depending on the sire (bull) a farmer chooses.

Active genetic potential

“The Fleckvieh cow is durable, hardy and easy to handle even within a small farm,” says Dr. Anthony Gichohi from Fleckvieh Genetics (EA). “They are able to move easily even in the most difficult terrain. A mature Fleckvieh has good strength and body development. A mature cow weighs about 650-800 kilograms. The breed has a very large and active genetic potential. We believe it is going to be one of the major breeds in the country once farmers discover its quality,” he says.

Nutritious milk and good meat

Studies show that every 1 kg of milk from a Fleckvieh cow contains 4.2% fat and 3.7% protein in addition the milk is also rich in other micronutrients and Omega 3 fats – which are vital for a healthy body. According to Dr Wanjohi, Fleckvieh bulls are fast growing and gain muscle at a rate of 1.5 kilogrammes per day for the first 200 days when cross-bred with other breeds, the farmer is assured of high quality of milk and beef. Under intensive fattening conditions, young bulls reach a daily weight gain of more than 1300 grams. In the first 6 months after birth, a bull can attain up to 300 kg with proper feeding and management.

Disease resistance

Compared with other breeds, Fleckvieh owners will not have to incur huge veterinary bills – due to the breed’s ability to withstand some of the common livestock diseases, mastitis for instance – This is an inflammation of the udder that cuts down milk production. The infection is caused by somatic cells (dead cells) from the bloodstreams that get into the milk in the udder. Fleckvieh cow milk has lower numbers of somatic cells compared to other dairy breeds, meaning that Fleckvieh is less prone to mastitis; there is another advantage: Less somatic cells means: The milk lasts longer without refrigeration.

And, since Fleckvieh has a very thick skin, it is more resistant against diseases transmitted by ticks and tsetse flies- the proboscis of these vectors cannot penetrate the thick Fleckvieh skin.

An easy to handle cow

Farmers are usually more interested in the amount of milk a cow can produce. But what goes for Holstein-Fresian and other breeds, can as well be said of Fleckvieh: The amount of milk a cow produces depends directly on the feed it is given and the way it is kept. With sufficient and nutritious feed, a healthy cow can produce a lot of milk; if the feed is poor, the milk yield will be less. Farmers sometimes forget the relationship between the feed given and the milk output.

What makes Fleckvieh different from other breeds (Holstein Friesian, Ayrshire etc)? Fleckvieh cattle are economically productive: The breed has a more efficient feed conversion rate compared to other dairy cattle. Studies show that the breed can give more milk with the same amount of feed that is given to other breeds. For example, if a Friesian-Holstein dairy cow is given 60 kg of feed, the amount of milk it will produce is equal to what a Fleckvieh cow will produce with only 45 kg of same type of feed. With good management, Fleckvieh dairy cows have been proved to produce between 25-30 litres of milk per day. On second calving, it produces 30-35 litres, increasing this to between 30-40 litres after the third calving. The breed has a consistent milk production throughout the lactation period – this a big plus compared to other breeds. It produces milk steadily for 305 days a year without any decline. The breed has been known to produce up to 10,000 litres of milk in every lactation (milking period) with good management.

For Semen from top Fleckvieh bulls contact: Fleckvieh Genetics (EA) Ltd. Mobile 0721 095 555, 0734 095 555, 0725 665 885.

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165 Responses to “A cow with high milk production”

  1. llami says:

    Hi. I was wondering if its possible to get the heifers of this breed and how much they would cost. Thanks.

  2. Thanks about this animal.I saw it in the Brookside show and got impressed. I have a few Ayshires and would wish to shift to this breed. I hail from Kirinyaga and thanks for keeping us informed. Kariithi.

  3. Barnabas Gikonyo says:

    Thanks for the information. Where is this breed reared in terms of weather conditions. Will it do well in the highlands or low lands? Where can I get the heifer and what cost am i looking at? Thanks, Gikonyo.

  4. kelvin Muli Muthini says:

    Sure, this is the breed kenya has been waiting. Kudos. How much can it cost however.

  5. alfred karanja says:

    I started breeding my cows with Fleckvieh genetics in 2009. I can proof all that is said about Fleckvieh for farmers who are willing to unlock their potential in dairy farming please choose Fleckvieh. Those willing to take their cows to school contact -karanja alfred + 254723158680 e_mail [email protected]

  6. knyua mbogo says:

    I am interested in Fleckvieh lactating cows possibbly one or two births. I am also open to other breeds.

  7. betty temba says:

    That’s a good cow and I would like to own one someday.

  8. george moragwa says:

    its agood cow sentizise more farmers to rear it

  9. Zac Cheruiyot says:

    I would like to buy two Fleckvieh Heifers. Where can I get them?

  10. Ngeno K A says:

    Thanks for the info. Give as more testimonials on this good to have breed. Asante.

  11. Francis Karunga says:

    Hi am interested in starting dairy farming in ruiru, please advice where i can get good fleckvieh heifers. thanks

  12. elizabeth wambui ngua says:

    Thats a good breed am at limuru where can get the heifers or dairy co

  13. Mathibu says:

    I’m looking forward to own one.

  14. A njagi says:

    Its obvious there is high demand for this breed. Those with farms near nairobi pl do take the opp en breed it. The semen is readily av en it cheap. Then we can help other farmers too. Rem sharing is growing.

  15. A Njagi says:

    There seem to be a high demand for Fleckvieh cows/ heifer. For those who are lucky to have farms near Nairobi.. m,ay be it an opportunity to rear some supply to new farmers. The AI semen is readily available and affordable.. It worth the wait… and lets help each other out and distribute the breed.

  16. Harun says:

    Hi, Thanks for the info…i would like to have more info on this breed;
    1. How many cows of this breed can graze on an acre of land.
    2. Can it survive in Naromoru Kenya….a harsh condition
    3. What is the expected milk production for a Fleckvieh cross bred with a local cow?
    4. How much of dry feed…hay can it consume in a day?

    Waiting for a positive feedback from you.


  17. peter okwany says:

    In 2009 i show this breed at moi university eldoret farmers field day at that time insamination was going for 4000kshs i was very passionate on how it could transform the life of a small scale farmer.thanks now the cost of it is even reduced to 400-800kshs am going to campaign to my commuinty of west&south pokot to go for it!

  18. dasco enterprise says:

    how can i get one of these?

  19. E. Githaiga says:

    Thanks for the info. I was so much impressed by the breed. I saw the breed at livestock breeders show, 2011 and twice at Nairobi ASK show, 2010 & 2011 respectively. Now I have a guernsey cow,sired with Zeitlos bull semen, due to calve on February (EDD 15/02/2012) at Karatina, Mathira Division. To find out the results, call/sms 0724582250/0754631425

  20. Hi guys, they say you cannot stop an idea whose time has come thanks for your good work.We at http://www.formulationgoods.kbo.co.ke,are showing farmers how to make quality livestock feeds for themselves and save about kshs600 per 70kg.The charges are affordable,raw materials available.just visit our website.

  21. thagui says:

    where can someone get this type of breed in kenya
    con somebody crossbreed this breed with another breed eg holstein

  22. maurice says:

    I’m looking forward to own one. please send me more info regarding the breed. Regards, Mukangula.

  23. njioki says:

    thanks for the information. im in search for this breed. Dr. Gichohi Anthony send me your contact please.

  24. Kasenene says:

    Hi Dr, am in Uganda How can get semen of this breed? then can I use it to cross breed any cow/

  25. Kasenene says:

    Thax doctor.


  26. simion says:

    where can i get this breed and cost of purchasing. leaving near nakuru (kenya)

  27. osolo patrick says:

    Hi Dr,
    am in Uganda hw can i get this breed, reaally need atleast two

  28. Murata karatina (nyeri) says:

    Hi doc, I’m in search of 2 heifers n I believe that breed can fit me, pls give advise.

  29. Sumbeiywo says:

    Hi. This is good info. Kindly inform me on the best breed to cross-breed with the Fleckvieh. Thanks.

  30. Ali says:

    Please reply me about the price (is US dollars) of this Fleckvieh breed and how can i get it in Pakistan?

    Looking forward to your rapid response.

  31. wycliffe omido says:

    Hi we need such breeds in our area i.e Kitale is it possible to get around this area am serious about this breed please kindly help to aquire. Omido

    • Tim Sabatia says:

      Hi Wyclef. Am also in kitale. Any information on the fleckvieh heifers. I also need to buy one. Please contact me on 0724356412.

  32. munyalo says:

    I come from Kitui – matinyani & I need help on semen’s

  33. kiboi says:

    how many litters of milk does it produce daily on average

  34. kiboi says:

    its agood breed but where to find is tha issue

  35. Geoffrey says:

    Where can I get pure breed of Fleckvieh in Kenya, and what is the cost estimate.

  36. mapusa says:

    Dear Sir/ madam, I am a Tanzanian Citizen lived in central region known as Dodoma, i want to import semen from your company for my own use st our farm, can i get from you the quatation CFI to dar es salaam Airport?
    Regards, Mapusa rajabu

  37. ian says:

    Please add us on your mailing list.

    Thank you

  38. Grace says:

    I have a 9 month old heifer, cross breed of fresian and fleckvieh and she is developing very well.

  39. charles mbuvi says:

    i come from kangundo in eastern i have guernsey cattles two i would like to change them for fleckvieh genetics by buying semen please advice where to buy in nairobi.thank you

  40. Tom mose says:

    After reading the information about this animal. I’m so much moved to have it. It sounds to me so appealing to move to this kind of animal. I’m hailing from Kisii. My mobile number is 0722329129. I wish i could get my animal served with Fleckvieh breed.

  41. Gerald lurongo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, I want to start keeping dairy cows in kakamega can Fleckvieh withstand the climatic condition here.

  42. Mungania says:

    I am interested to buy a heifer of Fleckvie breed. Please give some leads where I can get a heifer. Contact me 0721530913

  43. Museve says:

    How can i get that breed and how much would it cost?

  44. kiboi says:

    I am in interested and i hv started dairy farming lately.how cn i access tha breed.im from kitale

  45. perpetual kinyanjui says:

    I live in Ngong and have 2 dairy cows which I would like to upgrade how can I do it

  46. Musyoki munyao says:

    I also echo my interest in purchasing this high yielding breed where can i get it.

  47. Elias mashengu says:

    Am impressed by this type of breed cause its suites best where I come from. I come from Taita county – Voi, how can I buy this breed and how much. thanx

  48. R.M. Nuthu says:

    i have started a small daily farm in Ruiru however when i requested my vet the breed he could not get.
    please give contact of where to get.

  49. samuel says:

    I have started a small farm where can i get that breed original and how much or semen in vet shops in Uganda. thanks

  50. erick says:

    They say sharing is caring guys thanks for you’re information concerning this kind of cow breed.

    But how can you help us ,people from Tanzania who are living in Dar es Salaam to get this kind of breed and what will be the price of the cow plus the transport

  51. james oyoo says:

    how much is this and how can i access it.

  52. Sreekumar says:

    Thanks for the information. but can I know how it will be in UAE climate,since most of the season it is hot. also is there any farm in UAE has this breed? so that we can visit there.

    Thanking you,
    Best Regards.

  53. wewo philemon says:

    thanx for the info how, wher and how much can one go at?

  54. nancy karanja says:

    The breed seems to be very ideal for small scale farmers around the suburbs of Nairobi but where can one purchase one and at what cost

    Thank you.

  55. komen says:

    I am in Baringo county and much interested to know where I can get one of Holstein breed and at what price per cow/semen please assist I will appreciate in advance as I long to start a dairy farm.

  56. agnes says:

    Kindly let me if it can do well in Nandi area. And if yes where can I get one and at how much?

  57. cyrus says:

    I am small dairy farmer upcoming at mwea Ngurubani area of kirinyaga county. how can I cheaply get the breed of Fleckvieh?

  58. sang says:

    semen is very expensive in kericho!pl may you advice them to lower the cost!

  59. maina says:

    The cost of this cow (heifer) is 250,000 to 400,000 Kenyan money, depending on where. So far after inquiring from Kabete, its the info I have.

  60. Kwame says:

    Do you have an agent who can supply the Fleckvieh semen in Uganda?

  61. peter muhoho says:

    How can I get that breed and how much in Kenya.

  62. Norman says:

    This a good breed, I need to improve my breed am doing zero grazing in Kisumu where can I get the semen

  63. Patrick says:

    The Fleckvieh breeds seems to be very reliable. I have been breeding Ayrshire breeds. I’ll be crossbreed my breed with Fleckvieh Semen this month and planning to change all my breeds to Fleckvieh if the results will be impressive. They seem to be very reliable and easy to manage. I have already secured an AI within my district. Guys, let’s go the Fleckvieh way. Incase anyone has more info, I can be reached on 0720 293 112. Thanks

  64. Arada says:

    Interested in importing Fleckvieh in calf heifers from Kenya to a neighboring country that does not have the semen yet. Starting a Dairy Farm and in need of cattle. Where can I get in contact with breeders that will sell Fleckvieh crossbreeds?

  65. W.kariuki says:

    have interest in buying a heifer and also would like where your located.

  66. Joel Makori says:

    This is Kenya’s best breed but they need to do more and not borrow breeds from South Africa every time, keep working fellow farmers the semen is cheap.

  67. DONALD says:

    good info, am a farmer in Githiga Kiambu need know any farmer in that area with such a breed we can visit?

  68. Adam Ita says:

    I have cross bread of it and its a good cow

  69. NGOLO says:

    Quote for me the price, i am in Bungoma county.

  70. kennedy says:

    thanks 4 the infomation,how much does it cost and trandport charges to western.

  71. Denis Muneria says:

    I am in Transmara, where could I get this breed nearby and at how much.

  72. kipkirui ngeno erick says:

    wah! fleckvie the best breeds but how can we be sure of their semen am a farmer in lemotit, londiani, kericho county practising semi zero grazing with mixed breeds of Frisian and Guernsey, oh th concern i want to know more about you.

  73. Bernard Cheruiyot says:

    This is a good breed indeed! Where can I get the semen in Narok?

  74. kirimi says:

    This a big milestone to dairy farmers and sector at large. I am in Nithi county,appoint a semen agent in this area there’s a big potential in the area.

  75. mwaala wisdom says:

    I have a company which is supplying goats to NGOs around Zambia, such land’o'lakes, concern worldwide Zambia, heifer lnt. Am now starting some new projects in dairy cows. I am hoping you can help me source them in South Africa to Zambia.

  76. kipsang says:

    Great development!!Am in MT.elgon.Give me contacts of semen possessing vets.Regards.

  77. julie ngugi says:

    i would like to visit your site and get more information regarding the breed.Pls let mi know how much s going for.

  78. mMichuki says:

    Where can I get this breed I live in Nyahururu.

  79. Alex Muratha. says:

    am at chuka Meru south. this is a wonderful breed where can i get AI services to get started.

  80. Zed Ongoma says:

    Thanx for this info., I am looking to set up a dairy unit in Butere (Kakamega county), where can I get one of these in that region, and at how much???.
    Kind regards.

  81. paul says:

    how much does a heifer of this type cost?? Am interested and living within the course of Nairobi, email me the price quotation and the approximate expenditure per month of the cattle please

  82. Kolade says:

    Pls,i lost my job a year ago in nigeria.since then i have decided to start something alien,unique and profitable in nigeria.i haven’t done much about agriculture.hence,i pray u guys to please send me a comprehensive book on dairy and where i could be trained within africa.as i don’t have much fund 2 learn outside africa and the bottle neck visa acquisition can be killing here.however,i hope after learning i can start up something of my own and employ people with interest in agric.so as to,reduce crime rate in my country where there are over 15million jobless graduates.an idle hand is a devils workshop.pls,i beg.thanks.

  83. sussy says:

    kolade you do not need graduate school, if you have access to internate, then you are in class but doing nothing about it. Your abroad is right there at your finger tips, all that you need literally.

  84. kemei paul says:

    Thank you.How can small scale farmer be assisted to get semen?

  85. Ludovick Kezzah says:

    This is just the kind of breed I am interested in. I come from Busia County where it gets hot and humid. Would this be the right climate for a Fleckvieh. If so, how can I get some three heifers of this particular breed and at how much?

  86. Mr. Rono says:

    Who are the suppliers of the genes(inserminators)in ELDORET Kenya.

  87. Edwin says:

    My Fleckvieh calf is now 8 months old and doing fine.Am from Karatina, Nyeri.

    • simon says:

      Hi, im interested in knowing more about this breed of cattle. Im in karatina as well. Let me know how we can meet to discuss more.

  88. Hi Guys .I am a young farmer from kitale(0720488119),inseminated my cows ranging from Kshs: 1000 to Kshs: 4000,depending on the type of bull.The F1 heifers are goinG AT kSHS.120.000.i suggest inseminating at They are located in Nairobi with distributors all over the country,they are already in Uganda.Location Nairobi.Mobil Plaza, 1st Floor Rm. 21
    Email: [email protected]
    Telephone: 0712 095555 /0734 095555.Ask for Dr.Gichohi.

  89. John says:

    I would like to know how I can get the breed and also can it survive at Makueni.

  90. zaccheus says:

    Thanks for the info, fleckvieh seem to be the solution to dairy farming, can it do well in Busia county and how can i get semen from and at how much.

  91. tride says:

    m from india n weither it will be suitable climate for that breed in india. how to import n will only semens wil work for crossbreading with indian cattle

  92. Frank Muthui says:

    Gud job;u really keep us informed. Am much interested about dairy farming.I like the website.

  93. Dear FleckVieh enthusiasts, friends: We are so happy with all positive reactions to this fantastic FleckVieh breed in East Africa, please feel free to contact our very experienced GM Dr.Anthony Gichohi ([email protected]) for all your questions. This week we are present at the ASK Kitale show where we show our breed in full! Please also visit our website http://www.fleckviehgeneticsea.com, which has a lot of information about the breed and experiences of farmers that started breeding 3 years ago and are now milking 33 liters of milk a day with their F1′s. It also gives you information where you can get the semen.

  94. [...] High milk production Fleckvieh  [...]

  95. karira says:

    dear sir
    i am a new dairy farmer. i have the land and money to invest in the land. i wish to start on the correct foot. the fleckvien look like a very interesting option for me. can i get help in setting up the farm. i am from uasin gishu county. in return for your assistance in helping me, i will be more than happy to offer my farm as a demonstration farm. my farm sits on four acre and it is in town, accessibility is therefore not a problem.

    can we do business?
    kindest regards


  96. George Mwaluma says:

    Thanks for your insight on this information. You have greatly assisted me. George Mwaluma

  97. sally surtan says:

    thanks for the information but kindly pick your phone no some of us are not connected at home l live in nakuru oljorai and would like to know the conduct person in nakuru
    thank you and happy new year
    sally surtan

  98. Dickson wafula says:

    Hello am dickson from bungoma bumula consituency.how do i get the fleckvieh semen?ronak distributors do not have the same.i have tried some vet doctors and have given me fake semens costing 2500 claiming its fleckvieh.kindy assist urgently.my number 0723701095.

  99. Nancy says:

    Thanks for this very important info:My question is can I cross breed the Fleckvieh breed with freisian?

  100. Mutaka says:

    Great ideas and with new breed of fleckvieh we are rest assurred of high milk production and less costs of treatment .
    question here is for how many fleckviz does one need per acre of land for sustainability so I can plan for my 300 acres of land. Another one is best cross breeds can we choose depending on the strength of the bull. How best can avoid being victims of fake semen like Dickson.

  101. charles kabacho says:

    Hello am charles from KIrinyaga county doing dairy farming.how do i get the fleckvieh semen?My number 0722533444.

  102. George Muga says:

    Am looking for a promt reply on where I can buy fleckvieh cattle for milk in migori town now,reply pls

  103. George Muga says:

    Am looking for a promt reply on where I can buy fleckvieh cattle for milk in migori town now,reply pls
    my number 0731343706

  104. peter kibe says:

    what is the cost price of a mature fleckvieh cow?

  105. George welemba says:

    I echo Dicksons comment.Vets are lying to us that they have the fleckvieh semen and yet its a lie.could you guys identify genuine dealers to help us attain this breed.spent 5,000 for a fake AI.

  106. Anthony Ndegwa says:

    Thank for the information. I want o venture into Dairy farming and want to start small and scale up. I have a farm at Ndakaini – Thika. I need infor on:

    -Where i can get heifers to start off (3 or 4)?
    -Can i get someone to help in design of the cows structure?
    -Any farm i can visit for more information?


  107. gerald mwangi says:

    I really want to dairy farming. i need these fleckvieh animals… 2 or 3 of them. where do i get them… ctacts above not working. ….my no is0722966125. thanks

  108. wachira says:

    Hello. Good insight kindly let me know where i can buy such breed and how much. Regards, Wachira

  109. mwangi s says:

    why r the contacts not working ,in nyeri can u get the breed,why not set up a dealer in major town considering the demands of btrrd n tha semen

  110. mwangi s says:

    can this breed work well in nyeri considering the weather in nyeri

  111. Please link with Mr.Gichohi(Mobile :0727665885.Email:[email protected] &Facebook page family.),the General Manager for Fleckvieh Genetics East Africa.Being a farmer in Kitale he has really been of help to me ensuring I get the right semen for my cows.I have managed to Inseminate my fresian and Ashire cows;the calves are now the reason I fight for my small farm in Kitale.Its time to act not to think about Fleckvieh as most of the farmers have already confirmed it’s working in Kenya.

  112. Benson muisyo says:

    I think i love this breed. How much should a calf cost that is a weaned calf. Where can i get them?

  113. noel says:

    hi good job guys how much does a heifer cost?

    • sunnyboy says:

      A registered pedigree fleckvieh heifer will cost u not less than ksh 150,000 and as high as ksh 250,000. The good thing is you can start with local breeds and serve them with fleckvieh semen at a cost of ksh 2,500 to 4,000 and in 5 yrs you should have something to smile about.

  114. OYIM-OUCHO, Margaret says:

    I really want to venture into dairy farming in Kisumu. Where can i get this breed in that area? How much will it cost me. Thank you.

  115. Silas Sialuk says:

    I am Sialuk from Kapenguria, an upcoming dairy farmer. After reading in detail about this breed of cow, i believe it is what t Pokots should be breeding for production. Also i believe its a solution to poverty n cattle rustling. Otherwise where do i get the pure breed semen in Kitale?

  116. Maimunar Mueni says:

    I would like to start breeding in Kaloleni near Mariakani (two pure breed heifers) what are the challenges in such hot climate? Please give me the contact person for the region.

  117. Birjit says:

    Hi, I’m from Manipur India. I really want it, but don’t know how to get its semen. I have Friesian-Holstein and want to be cross breed. Plz tell me how much it will cost for semen.my no. 9856954449.

    • Sid says:

      Birjit, have you gone crazy and not aware about the type of milk these non-Indian cows produce?
      Indian breeds produce A2 type milk which is healthy. Non-Indian breeds produce A1 type which is not healthy to be consumed. In India this awareness is growing very rapidly.
      If you are looking for high milking breeds then go for Gir or Thrparker or Shahiwal etc..
      Learn what Brazil has been doing using these Indian breeds.
      Wake up!!!

  118. ogwal says:

    hello, my name is ogwal RObine in Lira uganda i had the passion of beeing a farmer since childhood,now that am out of University i have aquired a 40h piece of land to start with, i need to know how i can get two heifers of this breed and how much it will cost me.
    i also need your proffessional advice as am freshly new.
    please help n advice me on the best feeds recomended for a diary animal . thank you so much and may God bless u for yor cooperaTion .

  119. oscar odhis says:

    Good job thumbs up.

  120. Wambua says:

    This breed seems promising. I hail from Mbooni west in Makueni county. Kindly let me know the cost of an in-calf heifer(Fleckvieh breed) or just an a mature heifer, its cost and where I can get the same.

  121. musungu douglas says:

    Am impressed and ready to venture into serious dairy farming. How fast can I get semen for cross breeding with the breeds I have i.e which one is my nearest semen center? I hail from Lugari District, Kakamega County.

  122. Jim says:

    I would like to start dairy farming. Interested in purchasing at least 3 Fleckvieh heifers. Would like to know the cost and where I can purchase. Location – Migori.

  123. james Njue says:

    I would like to get a fresian cow which can produce 25lts per day, has given birth once and its incalf for over 5 months. Next is a fleckvich breed with the same qualifications.

  124. Wamwiri says:

    Am just starting dairy farming but started with two low yielding cows. I definitely need to serve them with the MAGIC Fleckvieh! as they are about to be served again. Am even more interested in producing heifers for sale to local farmers as I have seen no Fleckvieh around here. Do you have a training centre/Manuals for this? How much are served heifers going for?

  125. Barasa says:

    my low yielding cow is due to be served again next month and i intend to serve it with the fleckvieh AI breed, pls advise from where i can be served as i reside in busia township of Busia county. i would also like to buy heifer of fleckvieh but i dont know where to buy it from and at approximately how much.

  126. Aineah Ayamba Opiyo says:

    I have been a small dairy farmer for sometime. I am convinced that this breed is the best for my region Siaya after an inspiring talk from Dr. Antony Gichohi. Please stock the semen within this region and be assured many farmers will be glad to use it. Tell us the price and we shall come for it immediately.

  127. Fred Obola says:

    I need a heifer, what is the cost? where can i view them and how soon are they available.

  128. Greetings farmers!

    This is awonmderful breed!Am surprised that the giant Kenya in terms of farming lacks this bred. We in Uganda we look at you as our saviours on any breed. How come not fleck?

    You have the capacity to import them enmass. Rwanda did it and i bought three young bulls from them.

    I would like to be educated on its difference from simmentals.
    Who could be having simmentals in kenya and at what priceis is the in calf heifer? how about matig bull?

  129. Rose says:

    I would like to buy Flechvieh heifer – please help with place and price.


  130. Jeff Murage says:

    Dear Team: Please assist with whereabouts of your semen and appointed/ accredited AI personel in Kirinyaga- Embu areas. More specifically around Samson corner or between Embu and Mwea.

  131. tibamanya david says:

    thanks iam tibamanya david leaving in seeta mukono district kampala uganda i want to know where can i get geniuen semens and how much does it cost and if possible where can i get a mature cow which is ready to produce and how much does it cost plse help me ang give yr all contacts

  132. DEOGRATIAS R. says:

    Hi, I’ m Deogratias R. living in Mwanza, Tanzanian by nationality. I’m interested on this Fleckvieh diary cows, let me know how I can get to their nearest farm where I can buy & get them to my city. Thanks.

  133. fazuul says:

    i would like to know the price of freshian.

  134. albiliz says:

    thanks for the information, we are new in daily farming and with the kind of exposure we get from you.we feel there’s never been better time to start than now.

  135. Paul Gatere says:

    Here is a useful link that could be of some insight into understang more about Fleckvieh cow breeds.

  136. grace komen says:

    good breed.where can we get the semen in nakuru or eldoret?

  137. julius nyangaga says:

    Interesting information on the Fleckvieh breed and interest by dairy farmers. But can someone please share any negatives abou the breed, if there are any? Thanks.

  138. samson chemwetich says:

    Hi, i really admire this breed, am resident of eldoret where will i get semen at this region.

  139. Stanley korir says:

    When can i get fleckvieh breed in kericho ?

  140. LUKA says:

    I would like to know where you are situated,cause I WANT to start dairy farm in my farm in Nyandura county.Please I would like to learn more about Fleckvieh. I will appreciate for your support

  141. jeremiah ngunjiri says:

    how much does cost

  142. I am a Ugandan farmer and i would very much want to buy a bull or Semen.I thank you.

  143. I WANT to start dairy farm in my farm in kinangop.Please I would like to learn more about Fleckvieh. I will appreciate for your support,Albert Kibebe

  144. how can i get this breed milk cow


  146. Suppose one is interested in learning more about this type of a breed, where can he or she go? (your location, that is)

  147. boniface mugo says:

    thankx alot in equiping dairy farmers with the best knowledge which will advance our farming strategies!

  148. boniface mugo says:

    i wish to get intouch with you so that i can improve my farming with this pedegree breeds!

  149. Mark Kosgei says:

    I am a dairy farmer in Eldoret. please, publish for us the semen distribution centers or where to get the cows throughout East Africa, so that farmers can access it. i saw the breed in last years Nairobi international trade fair, admired it and that was the end because i didn’t know where to get the breed or its semen.veterinary officers in Uasin Gishu don’t have it. Thanks.

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